Becoming an Apprentice

I’ve recently started a course at Juice Academy training to be a Junior Content Producer.

I’ve very much been into marketing since the first lockdown, when everyone was re-valuating what direction they wanted to go in. I figured I spent my most my time on social media, looking at content and when I realised I could make a career out of this, I was eager to learn more.

I’d done countless courses online, trying to build my knowledge within the marketing industry and although I had gained common knowledge – I couldn’t apply it and I didn’t have the experience to go out and get a job where I could.

When I joined Fearless Adventures and was enrolled into Juice, I realised that The Juice Academy was the perfect environment to learn in. The interactive space makes it the best place to be in every alternate Wednesday, alongside working at Fearless Adventures.

The difference from being in my bedroom, researching topics for hours compared to being in a room full of people who are doing the same thing as me, who I can bounce ideas off in group tasks and get to work with creative minds is fundamental. I’ve taken in so much already and always excited to learn more every week.

I was never interested in going to university. I didn’t want to do another 3-4 years in a ‘school’ environment every day – especially considering I had just left.

It was always pushed upon me because it’s stereotypically thought to be the ‘right path’ and when I knew I was going to go straight into a work environment, I automatically thought I’d be looked down upon for the decision. But I wanted to remove the stigma and prove people wrong because I think an apprenticeship in Marketing is just as good if not a better choice to get into this industry.

I think I looked up to my dad in a way, as he never went to university and managed to have a successful business from building his knowledge and applying it, that’s when I realised it’s not about studying at University. It’s about the experience you gain along the way that will set you up for life.

The best thing about my apprenticeship and why I find it much more beneficial than university, is the fact that I get to develop my knowledge, as well as working around talented marketers every day in the office. You get to engulf yourself in the things you’re learning every day. This makes it so much more effective as you’re developing that skill daily.

Looking back last year, if I could give myself one piece of advice – it would be to not question myself when I knew the stereo typical university path wasn’t for me.